The Kitchen design trends we can’t get enough of

Posted March 9th, 2022 by Kate

The Kitchen design trends we can’t get enough of…….


Looking to update your kitchen? After a rocky couple of years, home design trends are set to encapsulate a space that encourages plenty of light, plenty of comfort and plenty of laughter with the people you love.


It’s been a turbulent couple of years. After spending the majority of our time in our homes over the past 2 years, I think it’s fair to say that the kitchen has become more than ever, one of the most focal, Integral areas in our homes. The days where we may have merely just considered our kitchens as designated spaces only for cooking or washing the dishes are well and truly over. Because, as well as cooking and preparing food, we also want to wind down our kitchens, to let the day go, to relax together and to also connect. 


The struggles of the past 2 years and the way we’ve all had to adapt and evolve in challenging ways certainly hasn’t been easy. So, it’s no wonder we’ve definitely found a stronger appreciation for our kitchens. They’ve become more than just a ceiling and 4 walls. They’ve become a safe, steady universe. So, what more of a better time to start giving our kitchen spaces a well-deserved make-over.


Your kitchen means your design taste. So of course, when it comes to anything home decor and looking at the latest design trends, we also have to think of our personal preferences. From daring materials such as vibrant pops of colour to make a statement with wood tones, to experimenting with tiles, the choice is yours. Luckily, the approved expert-driven fads below certainly don’t fall short of offering a wide variety which means one very important thing – they can suit every budget and aesthetic.


1. Kitchen Design Trends – All about that open space 

Expect to continue seeing plenty of open plan kitchen designs this year. Think airflow and natural light, efficient use of space, and let’s not forget how fabulous an open plan living space can be for social events as well as home office areas. In small properties, why not consider a broken plan layout where you’re really making the most of every bit of space and how it can function throughout the day.


2. Kitchen Islands will continue to be in the spotlight

There is absolutely no denying we all love to see a kitchen island. The bigger, the better when it comes to practical reasons – hello extra workstation! Over the past couple of years, due to the huge transition, so many of us have experienced with remote working and more and more of us working from home, it’s certainly no wonder why the kitchen island will continue to take centre stage this year. Because, whether you use it as an area to do your daily zoom meetings at, or as an extra food prepping station, or even an after school study session area, or let’s not forget that It can of course be somewhere we’d happily just sit and sip our morning cuppa at – the kitchen island trend is the heart of our kitchen and it’s definitely not going away anytime soon.


3. Colours are getting sleeker and bolder when it comes to kitchen design trends

Expect to see greens of all shades this year, from pistachio to sage to deep forest! Because yes, they are still having their fabulous moment! Even if you aren’t a very ‘colourful kitchen’ person, why not dare to go just a few shades stronger? It can bring a fantastic feeling of depth to your space as well as character and interest. The all-white kitchen is certainly becoming something of the past. Instead, many designers are predicting plenty of peacock blues, vintage pinks and daring reds. According to New York interior designer Sasha Bikoff, predictions are high this year for a mix of “muted herbal tones to mimic our favourite ingredients—think sage, rosemary, lavender, saffron, and basil.” Think nature-inspired too – so many of us are opting for colour schemes that bring the outdoors inside!


4. Simplified Cabinetry

Think simplicity. According to interior design experts, simple cabinet styles are going to be very popular this year. Despite the shaker door still being an unmistakably prominent option, trends are shifting towards something more modern. To achieve that stunning modernity within your kitchen, clean and smooth cabinetry is a good place to start, hiding appliances with overlay doors whenever possible. We’ve all seen a rise in the handleless trend, but to be honest, if handles and knobs are equally sleek and they’re a standout in the kitchen, they certainly have the right to be there, full-on show having their limelight – it’s perhaps something most us tend to overlook, but with the right handles and knobs, you can really make the ultimate statement in your kitchen space.


5. Tile Backsplashes are back in

Here’s to the mighty tile comeback. Oh yes – we’re here for it. It doesn’t matter if you’ve opted for vintage, bespoke or off-the-shelf, the cherished tile is here to dominate kitchen trends this year. So, what’s to bear in mind? – Well, backsplashes that are different to a counter finish can be great for breaking up the space in your kitchen. Also, trends are specifically leaning towards something more unpredictable. Think – mosaic, antique, whimsical. Using tiles for your backsplash can create an incredible visual focal point.


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