M&A offer the full Project, this page shows the key services that we specialise in.

Stage 1: Planning

Embark on your kitchen transformation journey with a free home survey. Our team evaluates your current kitchen, understanding your likes and dislikes. We provide expert advice, focusing on enhancing storage and ensuring your kitchen aligns with your lifestyle. Compliance with planning rules is guaranteed, and our team remains accessible to address any questions.

Stage 2: Design

Collaborate with our skilled designers and installers, boasting over 20 years of combined experience. Utilizing cutting-edge 3D Render technology, we bring your vision to life. Partnering with trusted suppliers, we offer a vast range of kitchen products, from worktops to splashback walls, ensuring stress-free project execution and personalized solutions tailored to your needs.

Stage 3: Installation

Experience a seamless installation process tailored to your project’s size. While completion time varies, we prioritize minimizing disruption. Our team employs efficient practices, keeping job durations streamlined. Temporary kitchen services are installed where possible, ensuring minimal impact on you and your family throughout the project.

Our Installation Only packages include:

At M & A Kitchens, we understand that every client has unique needs. That’s why we offer specialized ‘Installation Only’ packages for kitchens and bedrooms. Our bespoke packages cater to your preferences, allowing you to choose the level of service that suits you best.

Dry Fit Only:

Comprehensive Installation Package:

services offered by M & A Kitchens:

Kitchen Design, Supply, and Installation:

Bedroom Design, Supply, and Installation:

Fitted Furniture, Including Office Space:

Storage Solutions:

Kitchen Areas in Commercial Spaces and Offices:


Media Walls: