Maximising your Kitchen space



Maximising your Kitchen space

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Re-designing a small kitchen is wrongly perceived to be a challenge.

BUT this doesn’t have to be the case.

We have some top tips to help you to maximise the space in your small kitchen by making some small alterations to the rooms interior design.


When re-designing your small kitchen, you need to carefully consider different storage options because there is nothing worse than having a cluttered workspace that makes your kitchen feel smaller.

Vertical storage

Having hang up kitchen storage has become incredibly popular in recent years.

It is incredibly useful storage solution especially if you have a small kitchen because it gives you another option for storing items like pots, pans and glasses.

Hanging pots, pans and mugs for instance will increase counter space you will have in your new kitchen.

You don’t necessarily need to spend any money to purchase vertical storage for your kitchen because if you have a dish drying rack you can just use this and mount it to a wall in the kitchen to hang your mugs and cutlery.

Under Cabinet Shelving

Under-cabinet shelving is a good storage option for small kitchens.

Because as well as housing your kitchen essentials such as your cutlery, you can change the depth of the cabinet shelves, so you can store other kitchen items like a spice rack and tea/coffee jars.

A top tip if you are going to do this is to put one of your under-cabinet shelves where you do your meal preparation. This is because it will help you create a clutter free work surface in your kitchen.

Kitchen Island

If you’ve got the space, another tip is to add a kitchen island to your kitchen to maximise the space. You can get a small kitchen island for a relatively low cost progressing through to the more expensive designs .

Kitchen Islands can have several functions because you can add shelves to create more storage space in your kitchen by adding cabinets to both sides of the island. A tip is to have open shelving and cabinet doors to prevent any items getting stuck in the shelves.

Your Kitchen Island can be used to hang items such as a tea towels and even store your cutting board. It can also be used as extra space for socialising.

Backless Stools

Having backless stools in your kitchen is another good idea to maximise space in your kitchen.

This is because backless stools are easy to store compared to “normal” chairs. This means that when you aren’t using the backless stools they can be tucked under the kitchen cabinets, meaning they take up less space.

Kitchen colour

When designing your new kitchen, you should carefully consider the colour scheme for the room.

A top tip is to choose a lighter colour scheme for your kitchen such as white or cream instead of using darker colours like black.

This is because having a dark kitchen colour scheme in your kitchen will make it appear/feel smaller and claustrophobic compared to lighter colours.


As well as choosing a lighter colour scheme for your new kitchen, it is also important to make the most of the lighting in your kitchen because it will go a long way to make your small kitchen feel/appear bigger.

Having integrated lights is incredibly useful when redesigning your kitchen because they don’t have to feature in the overall design of your new kitchen. But can be used to flood the room with light making it feel lighter/airier all day.

Integrated lights such as spotlights or ceiling lighting in your kitchen will also help to maximise the space, as it will make the room appear feel taller.

And try to maximise the natural lighting in your kitchen because this along with artificial integrated lighting will make your kitchen feel and appear larger.


Tiling both your walls and floor is a great trick to make a tiny kitchen appear bigger.

Here are two ways that having tiling can make maximise the space in your kitchen:

  1. Use rectangular tiles. For the walls, place the tiles vertically and it will make your kitchen appear taller. And on the kitchen floor lay them vertically and it will make the room seem wider or longer.
  2. Use stainless steel backsplash in your kitchen.

This is because it is a great double duty design because it: 1) protects your kitchen walls from splash marks and 2) it is a great storage option, as you can hang pots and pans up on the steel wall pegs.

Integrated Appliances

Having Integrated Kitchen Appliances is a great way to save space in a small kitchen.

Integrated Appliances are something you should consider when redesigning your kitchen especially if its small when the floor and surface area is limited.

This is because having integrated, multifunctional kitchen appliances such as a washing machine with a tumbler for example will take up less space in your kitchen.

Because instead of taking up floor or surface space in your kitchen you can put integrated kitchen appliances in cupboards.

This will make your kitchen feel bigger and look more aesthetically pleasing, as it will help to create a clean/fuss free finish.

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