Kitchen trends for 2022



Kitchen trends for 2022

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Kitchen trends for 2022

Our experienced M&A kitchen designers based at our head office in Tameside have shared their top kitchen trends for 2022 you won’t want to miss out on!

Colour scheme

Having a white kitchen will always remain the classic colour of choice for kitchens. They can however after a while look and appear quite sterile.

So our designers predict that in 2022 white kitchens will gradually go out of fashion and we will see a move towards different colours.

Dark blue and black kitchens are expected to be popular. But do bear in mind if you have a small kitchen these colours it will make your kitchen look/feel smaller. So it is best to choose a lighter colour scheme such as light grey.

The standout colour for kitchens next year may surprise you because it is green.

Green was recently named by Dulux as their colour for 2022. This is because it embodies renewal, rejuvenation and energy.

Our experienced interior designers suggest that if you want to have a green kitchen to choose a lighter shade like sage green because it goes really well if you blend it in with any wooden features you choose to have in your kitchen.

Kitchen Trends For 2022 – It’s all about Wallpaper

Using kitchen wallpaper to redecorate your kitchen has slowly increased in popularity in 2021.

And our designers predict using kitchen wallpaper will remain popular as we head into 2022.

This is because hanging wallpaper when redecorating is practical, especially as the function of the kitchen has changed in recent years with kitchens becoming an extension of the living room with the rise in popularity in having an open planned kitchen/living space.

And it is a very simple update to do which will help to minimise the disruption for you and your family when we are renovating/installing your new kitchen.


Kitchen lighting will always play a vital role in your kitchen.

Our kitchen designers believe the lighting should reflect the essence of your kitchen whilst inviting ambience.

They have shared with us which styles and colours of kitchen lights they believe will be trending in 2022.

Hanging Pendant lights

For years it has been popular to have pendant lights fitted to the ceiling or walls in your kitchen.

But our designers have noticed that for 2022 there will be increased popularity in people choosing to have hanging pendant lights.

These lights are functional and practical because as they hang further down from the ceiling which will help you to see what you are doing in the kitchen better.

And hanging pendant lights also create a unique aesthetic in your home.

Environmentally friendly LED spotlights

Having energy-efficient lighting is one of the biggest kitchen design trends of our time.

People are increasingly opting to have environmentally friendly lighting like LED spotlights in their kitchen because they are functional and practical so don’t take up much space, as they are mounted to the ceiling or on the walls.

If you opt to have LED lighting in your kitchen it will help you to save money on your electricity bills.

Black brass lighting

Our designers love black brass lighting which is expected to be a huge trend not just in the kitchen design but across the interior design world too next year.

Especially as rose gold brass lighting and fittings will be going out of fashion in 2022.

Black lighting is a classic eye-catching look that will stand out in your kitchen if it has white or cream features to create a monochrome look in that room of your home.

Natural materials

Using natural materials in kitchens has been incredibly popular since the coronavirus pandemic began last year.

This kitchen trend is expected to continue into 2022 with people increasingly choosing to have wood or marble worktops in their kitchens.

People wanted to bring the outside into their homes seeing as we were all stuck inside due to lockdown.


It’s all about the warm tones in the kitchen in 2022

Our designers suggest you consider choosing a walnut shade of wood for the worktops or countertops in your kitchen next year.

This will help to create a cosy environment in your home perfect for those cooler winter nights.

Marble and Stone

Marble and stone are also expected to be a kitchen trend next year.

They are both aesthetically pleasing materials and colours which is perfect to allow you to inject your own colour and personality into your kitchen.

And it will also help to create a bright, light, airy space in your kitchen.

Minimalist kitchen design

Those of you who have been after a minimalist kitchen design will be delighted because they will be in fashion in 2022.

There will be a wide range of minimalist kitchens in all colours, shapes, sizes and budgets to suit your needs.

Minimalist kitchens are perfect if you are looking for a fuss-free finish because they have handleless and cord-free finish which is designed especially to help make your busy life easier for you and your family.

Kitchen furniture trends for 2022

Our Kitchen designers will share with you their predictions as to which types of kitchen furniture will be on-trend in 2022.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands have always been a popular feature when people have sought to redesign their kitchens.

This will remain the case next year.

Having at least one island unit is essential if you have or are wanting an open plan kitchen.

It doesn’t matter what size island you go for. Nowadays there are kitchen islands to suit all kitchen layouts and your budget.

They are a great way to maximise the space you have in your kitchen because another trend in 2022 will be to add shelving or cabinets to increase the storage in your kitchen.

And also, kitchen islands provide the room with a focal point- especially if you choose to buy backless stools because it is another area in your home where you will be able to share those special moments with your friends and family.

Smart Appliances

Having smart appliances in your kitchen is expected to be a huge kitchen design trend next year.

They come in all shapes and sizes to cater for all budgets; no matter how big or small your kitchen is. So you will be spoilt for choice when buying new kitchen appliances.

You can get all sorts of smart appliances from coffee machines all the way through to kitchen freezers.

Because of their cordless, handle-less open style design, smart appliances will take up less space in your kitchen.

Some smart appliances you can even control using your smartphone!

Multifunctional storage

Increasingly people are wanting to have an open plan kitchen and living room so the needs of the kitchen have changed.

Kitchens are increasingly becoming more a part of the living room.

Multifunctional storage is flexible and you can use free-standing furniture such as dressers, glass cabinets and wooden shelving to create a unique concept.

It will allow you to add your own distinct personality and flair when it comes to decorating your kitchen.

And also as we mentioned before to create more storage space in your kitchen, our experts recommend you add open shelving and or a cabinet to your kitchen island.

Pantry and Larders

Pantry’s and larders are another good storage option to choose from when you are redesigning your kitchen.

This is because in a pantry or larder it’s all about organisation. It will allow you to make the most of the space you have, as you can use your pantry or larder to store long-lasting food such as rice and pasta- allowing you to create more space on your kitchen worktop.

So it is also an environmentally friendly option to consider because having one of these means you and your family will be able to reduce the amount of plastic food packaging and encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Want to find out more about the key kitchen trends for 2022 and how our team can help?

Why don’t you contact one of our experienced kitchen designers today to arrange a free design visit?



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