Finishing touches

Finishing touches

Here at M&A, we understand that it is the finishing touches that will help to make your dream kitchen become a reality.
We are proud to be able to offer our customers a high-quality fully project-managed kitchen service from start to finish.
We have a vast range of taps, worktops, lighting, storage, and handles for you to add the finishing touches to your dream kitchen.


We understand how important having the right taps are in your kitchen.
Taps are arguably one of the busiest kitchen appliances you will have because they are one of the main focal points in the room, as they are used for washing up, preparing food, and washing hands.
So we need to make sure the brand new taps we will install in your kitchen are reliable, easy to maintain, and don’t drip on your kitchen worktop.
So, we have a vast range of different tap styles, fittings, materials, and colours- no matter what size your kitchen is, or your budget.
We can provide high pressure taps for low water pressure areas and also instant hot water and filtered water taps which can be combined.


We have a range of different worktop styles for you to choose from.
Our team of expert designers will work with you and our suppliers to come up with a worktop for you that suits your kitchen perfectly because we understand that the worktop is also a focal point in your kitchen because it is used when preparing food, cooking.
The worktop can also be used as an additional space for you to socialise with friends and family.

Types of worktops- Quartz which is man made stone. Granite which is a natural stone. Corian man made seamless finish and can be shaped in any way to give a wow factor to a kitchen. Solid wood, compact laminate, and laminate worktops


Having the right lighting will make a huge difference in your kitchen.
Kitchen lighting is important for you and your home so you can meet the practical needs for food preparation, cooking, and dining.
It is important especially if you have a small kitchen because it will help to make your kitchen feel bigger than it is by making the vertical walls in your kitchen appear taller if you choose to install spotlights.
We have a huge range of options for you so you can show off your new kitchen in the perfect light.


Having the right storage in your kitchen can help you maximise the space you have in your kitchen and to help make it more user-friendly.
It is important to make sure you have the right storage especially if its small because it will allow you to de-clutter the workspace in your new kitchen
Why don’t you take a look at our range of different storage options available to suit the needs of your kitchen?


Having splashback walls in your kitchen is incredibly useful. We have a variety of different heat resistant styles and colours to match the design of your new kitchen.
Splashback walls have two purposes:
1) To protect your kitchen walls from splashes and stains when you are cooking in your kitchen.
2) Splashback walls can be used as another storage option which can be particularly useful if your kitchen is small.
You can use splashback walls to hang up essential kitchen items like pots, pans, and mugs so it will help you to keep the worktop in your kitchen free of clutter.


When deciding what handles to have in your kitchen it is important to take into consideration your kitchen design.
So here at M&A, we have a range of different colours and styles handles for you to choose from for your kitchen.
If you are unsure what style/colour handles you need in your kitchen our expert designers will be on hand to help you out because we offer all our customers a fully project managed kitchen project from start to finish.

floors and walles

Look at the range of materials and colours we have available for you for the floors and walls in your kitchen.
With so many different options for your floors and walls in your new kitchen, it can be difficult to decide which design will suit your new room best.
Throughout your kitchen project, you will have the fantastic opportunity to work alongside our expert team of kitchen designers who will give you advice and tips to help you decide what style/type of flooring and walls you should get for your new kitchen.