Chorlton Kitchen Renovation

the brief

Our client based in Chorlton, Greater Manchester came to us wanting a more functional kitchen space. What does this mean exactly? Well, this means a space where appliances can be used and reached at easy access. Who wants the hassle or pain of moving things around just so we can actually use them!? The M&A team knew exactly how to execute this exciting project and deliver something much more spacious, practical, and stylish for our client.

what we did

Thanks to the invaluable advice from our incredibly talented and experienced planning and design team, and in full agreement with our lovely client, we decided to give this kitchen a complete re-design. We wanted to fully maximise this kitchen’s potential and give our client something completely new and more spacious. The full installation process meant our highly experienced tradesmen dealt with tasks such as electrics being re-wired, windows being bricked up, plastering, radiators being moved, constructing a new sink location, floor and wall tiling, connecting new appliances to the water, gas and electric mains.

Collection Chosen

Aspire-Manhattan Door in white gloss

what our customer said

the before and after photos