All You Need To Know ahead of Renovating Your Kitchen.



All You Need To Know ahead of Renovating Your Kitchen.

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A place for gathering and enjoyment, kitchens are where families come together for meals, comfort, and companionship. The heart of your home’s kitchen should be a haven for relaxation with a balance of colour, texture, and lighting that makes it both cosy and attractive, but at the same time, it should be practical in design as well. When remodelling your kitchen, make sure to create a room that is comfortable to live in and simple to work in. 

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Reasons for Renovating your Kitchen

  1. Improve Functionality & Eliminate Inconvenience
  • Update a Difficult Layout

It is best if you prioritise having a kitchen that meets your needs. Nobody does well in a cramped setting. Is the workstation in your kitchen too tiny and crowded? For meal preparation, you might require more counter space and probably an island design. With the correct renovation job, these issues can be resolved or, at the very least, significantly improved.

  • Update Materials that are Degrading

It makes sense to replace worn-out materials when rearranging the kitchen’s layout. Despite how sturdy, glossy, and new anything seems when it is originally installed, things eventually break down. Dents show up. The ravages of life and everyday use leave their mark. The countertops, sink, faucet, flooring, cabinets, and other kitchen fixtures should all be updated time to maintain their efficiency. Invest your money in long-lasting, high-quality goods.

  1. Upgrade to Meet Your Family’s Needs
  • Make a Space for Your Family That Works

It’s critical to renovate your kitchen with your family’s unique needs in mind. Perhaps you should construct a sizable table in the middle of the space for gatherings, if your family enjoys hosting parties at home. Or perhaps you enjoy dinner parties at home and need more counter space for prepping? It is your chance to fulfil any requirements you might have when you start the renovation process. Your kitchen will be the social hub you’ve always wanted once it has been updated to fit your needs.

  1. Upgrade to Fit Your Style

Do you shudder each time you walk into your ancient kitchen? If so, perhaps it’s time to design a happier hangout area. It has to be enjoyable to spend time in your kitchen. That entails comfortable surroundings that showcase your style. Work with a kitchen designer who can demonstrate some of your most well-liked items, colours, and patterns. You’ll want to spend more time in your kitchen once it has been remodelled.

  1. Boost Your Home’s Resale Value
  • Purchasers prefer updated kitchens.

When renovating your kitchen, consider more than just yourself. Should you decide to sell, potential buyers will also value the updates. A modernised kitchen will increase the value of your property and simultaneously be good for your future. Since the kitchen is frequently the selling point for potential home buyers, it is also likely that you will sell your house more quickly with an updated kitchen.

Things to Know Before Starting a Kitchen Renovation.

Before you start on your kitchen renovations, make sure to consider a few things to ease out the process. 

  1. Set a Budget

Determine your intended budget. Establishing a budget before you start is the greatest method to ensure that you are not unintentionally spending too much of your savings on your kitchen renovation. You can even attempt to cut costs on your remodelling job in this way.

  1. Set a Timeframe 

While remodelling your kitchen, there are many things to consider; be sure your redesign is well planned so you won’t have to juggle schedules at the last minute. Be careful to set a deadline as well as a precise budget. Consider how long you could survive in a temporary kitchen and then go along when you have a clear timeline penned down.

  1. Plan for storage

Consider where you will put everything in your kitchen if you can while designing the renovation plans. You’re likely to keep much of what you now own in addition to purchasing new kitchenware and appliances: Decide how much storage you need, and discuss innovative storage solutions with your designer.

  1. Selection of Appliances 

Keep resale in mind when selecting any new kitchen appliances. For instance, a refrigerator with a bold colour or a surface material that is a little out there could harm your home’s ability to be sold in the future.

  1. Layout Functionality

Another crucial factor to consider for the arrangement of your kitchen is if everything is in sync or not. Are you able to use every corner efficiently? Before you approve the floor plan:

  1. Think about the remodel’s arrangement.
  2. Make sure you have enough space if you consider adding a kitchen island.
  3. Keep in mind that an island needs electrical outlets as well.

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Types of Kitchen layouts.

  • One Wall Kitchen

This straightforward design, which is typically seen in smaller kitchens, saves space without sacrificing utility. The One Wall Kitchen consists of cabinets mounted against a single wall, and can include higher and lower cabinets or shelving over base cabinets to create a sleek appearance. 

How to Design a Kitchen with One Wall

Consider vertical shelving & cabinets. Since you only have so much available width, you should raise your cabinets as high as possible to add extra storage space. In a one-wall kitchen, the classic work triangle is not viable, so try to position your refrigerator on one end, the oven and burner in the middle, and the sink on the other. If your cabinets don’t reach the ceiling, use the space to keep less-used goods.

  • Galley Kitchen

The galley kitchen, which makes particularly efficient use of its cabinetry, comprises two rows of cabinets facing one another, with some space between them known as a galley. This design arrangement makes the most of every square inch of available space without wasting any by eliminating the requirement for corner cupboards. It is a cost-effective choice because there are fewer specialised tools required due to the straightforward design. 

How to Organize a Galley Kitchen

The galley kitchen already provides greater storage versatility with an additional row of drawers. Having the workspaces along just one of the walls is crucial, not both, especially for larger families or kitchens with numerous cooks, is crucial. By doing this, you can avoid crowding through the work triangle and lower your risk of harm.

  • L-Shaped Kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen arrangement is functional for small and large kitchens and features cabinets along two parallel walls. Although the L-shaped kitchen’s open plan design provides considerable flexibility in the placement of appliances and work zones, the corner requires some ingenious cabinetry solutions to make it workable.

How to Design an Effective L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Install a walk-in pantry cabinet in the corner if there is room to do so. Doing so saves the space that would otherwise be lost in a corner and adds a significant asset to your kitchen. You could even be able to design a little breakfast nook in the opposite corner of an L-shaped kitchen, enhancing the space’s appeal to your family.

  • U-Shaped Kitchen

The U-shaped kitchen arrangement, which features cupboards along three neighbouring walls, is fantastic for bigger kitchens. This design offers plenty of storage, but it may feel confined if upper cabinets are installed on all three walls. Select higher cabinets only along one or two walls, with open shelves, focal tiles, or a hob hood on the remaining wall to prevent this. The U-shaped kitchen facilitates excellent workflow.

How to Design a Kitchen with a U-Shaped Layout Work

Keep the window areas clear of debris in a U-shaped kitchen. Make the most of the space by placing the work areas on the opposite end of the back- and entry doors since this type of kitchen arrangement are ideal for an uninterrupted work triangle.

  • Island Kitchen

The island kitchen, a highly likeable option in open-concept homes, offers a sizable work table or storage area in the centre of the kitchen. The island may include a kitchen area, prep area, bar, and wine refrigerator. You can also utilise it for simple preparation or for sharing meals with the family. An island must be large enough to be included in the kitchen, but its placement is a terrific method to encourage natural workflow. 

How to Create a Functional Island Kitchen Layout 

Use the island as a workspace and gathering place where loved ones may chat while meals are being cooked. It is a terrific idea to install noticeable ornamental lighting that can also be used for task lighting in the kitchen’s centre because of its central location.

  • Peninsula Kitchen

The peninsula features a kitchen counter that protrudes from a wall or cabinetry and is similar to an island kitchen. When there isn’t enough room for a standalone island to be erected, this is a fantastic solution that provides the advantages of a kitchen island. At the same time, the cook is occupied with meal preparation and can do other activities such as eating and drinking on the peninsula. 

How to Design a Kitchen with a Peninsula

The peninsula provides excellent opportunities for engagement during meal preparation, much like the island kitchen does. It is a fantastic solution for a tiny, enclosed kitchen where you can take down a wall to open the space to another room without sacrificing storage.

You can hire the experienced and talented team of M&A Kitchens, as they offer all kinds of Kitchen designs in the Cheshire area. With supremely crafted bespoke kitchen designs, they work on projects tailored to your specific needs.

Hire an Experienced Kitchen Designer.

For creative and efficient kitchen designs in Stockport area, M&A Kitchen is among the best to offer the services. You may expedite the process and make the most of your time and money by working with a professional kitchen designer on your kitchen remodel. It’s a wise investment because it frees you from worrying about the tiniest kitchen design aspects and lets you concentrate on other things. Read through a few points as to why you should hire a professional kitchen designer:

  1. General Safety

Any project, including house renovations, must prioritise safety. Renovation experts who adhere to these fundamental rules guarantee everyone’s safety. They work hard to ensure every installation is structurally sound to prevent accidents during and after the remodelling. Remodelling could jeopardise your safety and the safety of those assisting you with your kitchen remodel if safety requirements are not followed.

  1. Finding the Problem Areas

Only an expert can tell if your ideal kitchen has any physical restrictions. Renovation experts have a wealth of information and experience to spot and completely avoid issues. Early problem identification is crucial, whether it means discarding particular concepts or addressing issues resulting from prolonged use. Kitchen designers help the refurbishment process go more smoothly while ensuring that your expectations are kept within appropriate bounds.

  1. Outstanding Planning

The success of your magnificent new kitchen depends on substantial labour. A comprehensive makeover requires careful planning. Although you might be tempted, it is far better to have a professional guide you through the entire process. It will not only reduce your workload and save you a tonne of time but also guarantee the success of your kitchen makeover.

  1. Keep an eye on kitchen renovations.

Every stage of the home remodelling process is meticulously watched when a professional is involved, ensuring that your kitchen is perfectly renovated and on time. It entails that you may relax while observing skilled renovation pros at work. If you prefer to be more hands-on, you can always collaborate with the kitchen designer to ensure your goals are realised.

  1. They’ll look for bargains and efficient deals.

Renovation experts always look for discounts and deals to lower renovating costs so you’ll receive your money’s worth. Having renovated many homes over the years, these experts know where to find the proper materials at the best prices; and as some would say, they know people who know people!

  1. Guaranteed Exceptional Work

Professional home renovation services are constantly offered and ensure top-notch work that can even be warranty. A skilled kitchen renovation services provider won’t necessarily break the wallet, either.


A well-executed new kitchen makeover could end up being one of the most important home improvements you ever make. Get your appointment with M&A Kitchens, the best Cheshire kitchen company for achieving the kitchen of your dreams that is both good-looking and functionally tailored to your needs. Our team of designers focuses on offering a tailored kitchen design that caters to your needs and matches your style.



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