7 Trendy Color Combinations for Modular Kitchen



7 Trendy Color Combinations for Modular Kitchen

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Having a huge kitchen with bespoke decor, space-saving shelves, and modern appliances is a dream many have, but only some succeed. Being stuck with a small overcrowded kitchen can feel disheartening, but with tricks here & there- you can elevate the outlook of your kitchen and turn it into a room straight out of a kitchen design magazine.

As per expert kitchen designers in Manchester, having a square-shaped kitchen or a long galley-style kitchen doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish and feel more spacious than it is.

With timeless choices like installing a mirror and opting for open shelving, you can make any room feel bigger. In major UK cities like London, Manchester, and even Birmingham- small kitchens are designed & decorated in a way that they feature some brilliant space-saving solutions coupled with a stylish city living aesthetic.    

Through Kitchen Installation in Manchester, there are lots of ways you can reflect your style without knocking down walls and building an extension to your home. Experts at M & A Kitchens know that the Kitchen space is the most important part of a home, no matter what shape or size it comes in, and are always ready to assist you in incorporating every part of your design & utility needs. 

How do you turn a small Kitchen into a big airy one?

If you have a small kitchen and are looking at ideas & proven ways that can give you an aesthetically top-of-the-range stylish kitchen, you are at the right place. 

Select the floors wisely:

Choosing a patterned floor can make your kitchen look bigger and effectively add a design element as well. A herringbone pattern on the floor or textured tiles can create lines that can draw the eyes outwards- making the room look longer & wider. 

If used cleverly, flooring has the ability to elevate how a room looks and feels by creating an illusion of space. Some key points to consider:

  • In case you have a galley-style kitchen, opt for parallel floorboards that can lend length to the room.
  • Geometric or pattern tile can be a dramatic option to select but goes well with muted colours on the wall. If used correctly, they can build layers, creating the illusion of a bigger space.
  • Install your floorboards perpendicular to the cabinets & units. This adds up space to a boring small kitchen.

Our expert kitchen designers in Manchester can help you select the floors that’ll work best for your space without being heavy on the pocket.  

Muted Colors & the power of White!

Following the Top Kitchen Trends for 2022, bright colours have toned down and made way for luminescing whites and pastels. A bright room automatically feels light due to all the light it reflects off the wall. Countertops are also available in myriad shades and textures of white to give off the illusion of space as they bounce off light. Marble, quartz, and stone are some options for countertops you can opt from. When selecting a white for your kitchen, consider how it will reflect off of your countertops and cabinets. You can mix-n-match white countertops with muted pastel coloured cabinets to create a light kitchen that feels spacious & breezy.

Choose Your Reflective Surfaces Wisely

The colour white, mirrors & reflective surfaces help evenly distribute the light in a room, thus making it feel much bigger than it is. As per the latest Kitchen Trends of 2022, glass cabinets, fluted glass doors, shiny worktops, and glazed appliance units are all making a return. To keep clutter off the shelves, hang them on a wall instead of putting mirrors on shelves. Adding a mirror as the backsplash can also work brilliantly in some cases. Changing your hardware to a reflective one in bronzed or silver finish can also look great.

In addition to this, you can also consider:

  • Shiny flooring
  • High-gloss paint on cupboards
  • Glass tiles
  • Stainless steel appliances

Get rid of the Mess & Clutter

Minimalist kitchen ideas have been trending over the world, not just in the UK. Today’s modern kitchens focus on optimising the limited space with space-efficient appliances and solutions. While lack of space & ideas could be the dearth of a well-organised kitchen, getting help from a professional can be your saving grace!

  • For an organised & clutter-free kitchen, follow a simple rule of less is more. Barring only a few necessary items on the worktops, all the other appliances like mixer blenders & sandwich makers must be stored in lower-down cabinets or full-sized cupboards so they’re out of sight like a coffee maker & toasters must be kept neatly tucked in the cabinets.  
  • If you have a galley kitchen, you can even swap your drawer handles for a handle-less one to make it look more premium and save yourself the worry of catching your clothing in the pull. Integrated cabinet storage for pots & pans along with lids can help save some counter space, giving a spacious feeling to your Kitchen.

Renter Friendly Advice: Choose a Wallpaper

Installing a patterned wallpaper on the narrowest wall will draw the eye along and create the illusion of extra width in the room. There are plenty of beautiful contact paper & peel-n-stick wallpapers available in the market, which is a perfect option for a renter. Since they are pretty easy to remove and leave next to no residue, peel & stick wallpapers are perfect for those renting an apartment. 

Pro Tip: Choose a wallpaper design and pattern that complements your Kitchen’s major colour group for a more coherent space.

Opt for space Saving Solutions Instead of Bulky Appliances

Being wise about your appliance selection can pay off well in the future. When picking out furniture, appliances, and cabinets for your small kitchen, keep in mind the space & placement. Select appliances that are capable of doing multiple jobs for you. An integrated oven with a microwave function can save the space for a coffee nook with a toaster. Go for a slimmer refrigerator instead of a bulky one to have more floor space. 

Utilise the Natural light you get in your Kitchen

By maximising the natural light flowing in your Kitchen, you can instantly give it a boost. To make your Kitchen look brighter, airy, and spacious- keep the window treatments to a bare minimum. If the window does not overlook a street, consider doing away with shade & coverings completely. Install hanging planters above the window or keep foliage plants on the windowsill to make it look alive. If you plan on covering the window, go for a cafe-style shutter with a bottom shade that’ll obscure the view but allow light from the top of the window. 

Transform your small Kitchen into A space you can cherish!

Having a small kitchen does not mean you have to steer away from bold & dark colours. Strategically placing dark elements around the kitchen can make a bold statement, thus elevating the look of your kitchen. Sparingly using bold elements will ensure you don’t overwhelm the space. 

Allow the expert kitchen Designers Manchester at M & A Kitchens to transform your kitchen into a beautiful symphony of warm cosiness & chic styling. 

If you are intrigued to know more about bespoke luxury kitchen decor ideas or space-saving kitchen ideas- reach out to our expert kitchen stylists at M & A Kitchens to help you guide through the entire process. Visit our website, or call us to fix a free design consultation. 



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